Top 5 2016 4K TVs

For an ultimate detailed picture, go for Ultra HD TVs or 4K. Compared to the traditional HD TV, 4K TV offers four times more pixels, and they are the first models with new technologies such as high dynamic range (HDR) and wider color gamut. In this era, 4K are a hit due to their sharpness, color options, design, smart TV features, viewing angles, and even sound. A TV is not considered to be brilliant just because it has HDR wider color technologies or a 4K resolution. As such, you need to take your time before making your buying decision. Below is a pick of top 5 2016 4K TVs that can make your buying decision a bit easier.

  • Samsung KS9500 Range

The Samsung KS9500 range is the ideal option when choosing a TV with the sharpest 4K pictures and one that maximizes the impact of HDR. In 2016, the Samsung KS9500 is the best when it comes to delivering pictures in a more downright spectacular. The 4K set uses the Quantum Dot color technology and high-end backlighting system to deliver the brightest pictures in 4K with excellent contrast and nuanced colors. With the new Ultra HD Blu-ray format, this 4K set allows you to witness incredible images. It has an unexpectedly good sound and class-leading HDR pictures. However, there is some backlight blooming in dark scenes.

  • Sony KD-75XD9405

If you are looking for a good size in a 4K set, 75-inch Sony KD-75XD9405 will give you the best experience. This set adds a sense of scale to the enhanced precision of 4K that makes pictures look lifelike thus it is more of a spectacular demonstration of the benefit of having a four times pixels compared to an HD TV. Therefore, this 4K set is ideal for people looking for huge screen tips in their cinema territory at home and lovely picture quality. However, its remote control is yucky and its TV interface clunky.


  • Insignia Roku 4K TV

If you are looking for a 4K TV with an unremarkable design, go for the Insignia Roku TV. It is 2.5 inches thick with a 12-inches O-shaped stand that is steady enough for tabletop placement. It comes with two back panels that include a headphone jack, Ethernet, audio output, composite video input, analog audio inputs, and an antenna input. Also, there are four HDMI inputs and built-in support to provide the fastest wireless performance. The good thing about this 4K set is its good color accuracy, solid upscaling performance, an intuitive smart-TV interface that includes voice search, and excellent streaming options. However, the set is not HDR-compatible and has less-than-subtle contrast. Bottom line, the Insignia Roku TV is great 4K Ultra HD set as it is one of the best smart-TV setups and a has surprisingly great pictures.

  • LG OLEDE6 series

This 4K set is ideal for AV enthusiast who prefers contrast and subtlety of defunct plasma screens to a more brightness focused charm of LCD. In fact, OLED technology has always looked like the next big thing. This 4K set is an Ultra HD TV with the latest technology and can support several high dynamic range formats, Ultra HD premium, HDR10, and Dolby Vision. Also, it can handle forthcoming formats thus a great consideration for those making a long-term investment. However, it has subtle picture noise issues and lacks some details in very bright areas.

  • Panasonic DX902 series

This 4K TV set comes with stellar processing and brand new LCD screen technology that helps it to deliver spectacular HDR and 4k impact. Its backlight system cuts down the usual LCD issues of backlight clouding, especially around bright HDR objects. This set delivers high picture quality with HDR sources. What makes this set a must-have is its bright, contrast-rich pictures, and its effective local dimming technology.

Video games and their impact on gamers

People have the wrong picture of the influence of the video games on people that play them. A minority of people shouts about negative influences of games, and their voice is carried around the globe. But when you sit down and think about it, you will find out that video games have a very positive influence on people.

Through discussion of things that gamers learn from games, we will prove that games are good and educational. The education they bring isn’t math or biology, and it’s about life and how to deal with various obstacles you run into.

Things that games teach people who play them

Games teach us how to balance the risk versus return. They teach us to check whether it is right for us to risk something to gain higher return in the future. Judging whether the return is valuable enough to risk losing something is a skill many people lack and the fact that games teach people to do that, is a sufficient proof of games helping people. Kids that play online games have to deal with problems on their own and they don’t carry the stress other activities more than often have. This creates an environment that allows gamers to think without the pressure and the results that come out of it are positive.

20150318185517-xbox-360-microsoft-video-gamesProblem-solving is another skill that you can learn through video games. To be a gamer and play an array of different games, you will need high analytical skills. Everyone buys the same game, and we all face same problems in it. Some people find answers to those problems and progress onwards, while other get stuck and they have to refer to the internet to continue. Even the best gamer, the one that finds easy and fast solutions to difficult obstacles, experienced frustration and they had to work slowly to overcome hard obstacles. That developed their problem-solving skills and right now they can find solutions to problems others struggle with.

Explaining how those skills can be used in everyday life would be just a waste of time. As we all know, if you can be calm in the front of a problem and use analytical skills to assess it, then you will be able to come up with options on how to solve it.

What else can we learn from video games?

mode-solutionSome lessons we can find in video games are life-changing. For example, gamers learn that nothing is permanent. Kids that don’t play games don’t learn it until much later. Only a few things will last a lifetime (forever), and gamers learn not to attach themselves to things that aren’t permanent.

Games also teach us about the existence of a solution, and they show us that there is a solution to every problem and that it’s up to us to find it. No matter how hard a boss is, how complicated a puzzle is or how tough a math test is, there is a solution to all things. The crucial thing is never to give up and to search for the solution until we find it.

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